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5 Tips to Maintain a Logical Flow in your Essay

Writing an essay can be a golden opportunity to learn something new and a hectic job at the same time. The only difference occurs due to knowing skills about writing an essay or not. Yes! you heard it correctly – you need to follow a lot of rules to write an exceptional essay. Whether you are in school or college, your instructors expect you to write a good essay to ultimately secure good grades. Crafting an outstanding essay is an art that you can learn by memorizing basic principles devised by academics.

Five tips to maintain logical flow in your essay

If you are thinking about how to write an essay eloquently then you are not alone. There are millions of students facing the same dilemma – it is only because it requires a lot of time to produce an excellent essay. It is tough enough that you might need to get outside help just to complete your essay assignment. That is why most students also prefer to get help from an academic essay writing serviceAs it is one way to get a perfectly written essay by an expert ultimately securing you good grades. By following the five tips mentioned below, you can produce a well-written essay as well.

  1.     Relevant topic

The nature of your assignments may change depending upon academic discipline or the sequence of subjects. You need to follow the proper structure given by academics while writing every essay. The most difficult part while writing an essay is to create a logical flow, one way to achieve it is to get mastery over verb tense transitions. Only then you can craft a cohesive essay with a logical flow. However, you should know that it requires utmost expertise which a person can only achieve after a lot of practice.

  1.     Introduction

It would be the first paragraph of your essay which is why it needs to be precise, eloquent, and vivid. You need to catch the reader’s attention and the best way is to write a compelling introduction to enforce your point of view. It was a difficult part when I started to write my essay as I did not know the precise details. However, posts like these helped me a lot to gather myself and write relevant material. You should know that your essay is incomplete without a valid thesis statement that should reflect your topic. It should argue in favor or against something within the domain of your essay topic. Leave no effort to write a good thesis statement as your reader would decide whether to read your essay or not based on this statement.

  1.     Essay Format
    1. Paper Size: It is good for you if you use MS Word for your essay as it provides many options and for printing use good quality clean paper with a size of 8 ½”*11”.
    2. Margins: Your margins for an essay should be one inch from all four sides but there are some exceptions too. It mainly depends on a certain citation style, for example in Harvard citation style the margin from the left side would be 1.5 inches.
    3. Title page: The title page is not mandatory for an essay unless your teacher says so. Write the title of the essay, your name, and your institution name on the title page if required. If it is not required, start writing your essay from the first page by mentioning a topic.
    4. Page Numbers: Make sure that before submission each page has a visible number. The location of page number varies depending upon citation format.
    5. Spacing between lines: The ideal format for academic writing is double spacing; in certain cases, it can also be 1.5 spacing.
    6. Justify text: When you finalize your writing use the option of text justification, it would distribute your text evenly between margins and your text would appear appealing.
    7. Indentation: It means left one-inch space blank in the first line of each paragraph. Sometimes it is not necessary but if you are using a certain format then act accordingly.

If you are a beginner in the writing area or busy with more assignments, you can rely on a credible essay writer service to help you out in writing the assignment. They will not only write a paper for you but can give you sample papers that will greatly help you in writing a research paper.

  1.     Body paragraphs

The introduction would be the first paragraph followed by body paragraphs from the second. Here you need to argue and justify your points mentioned in the thesis statement one by one. A good essay should contain a minimum of three paragraphs in the body. You need to write precise arguments in this part so you should better know what you are doing. If you are thinking that it is too much for you to handle then do not hesitate to contact a professional essay writerYou only need to give your topic and you can get a well-crafted essay within the given deadline.

  1.     Conclusion

It is the last paragraph of your essay and an important trick to follow and apply. Just reinstate your thesis statement in this paragraph with different words and do not write anything new in this part. Just summarize what you have previously written and conclude your thoughts.

In the end, just review your essay once to find any potential mistakes. It is important to secure good grades so just ask a professional essay writer to review your essay. In this way, you might win a scholarship for higher studies.

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