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How you can learn through professional writer assistance

Writing is not easy, it requires patience, consistency, analytical skills, and keen focus. Also, even though the writing is such a huge part of a student’s life, there is very little that is taught to them about writing. Learning about grammar, vocabulary, paragraph structure and types of essays does not even scratch the surface of real writing. Learning through the internet is analogous to learning in a class where there are no exams, no assignments, and no feedback, no doubt the information provided by the teacher will be useful, but you will not get firsthand experience of learning, hence you will not be able to detect your mistakes. But there is one thing you can do to become a good writer, hire a professional essay writer. Hiring professional writer assistance can teach you a lot about writing if you only follow a few rules.

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Even the internet cannot help you become a good writer. I agree that the internet has a never-ending reserve of data, and if you are good enough at web crawling, you might be able to search almost anything, but one thing that you can never find is the experience. 

It is skills like reading with focus, analyzing with critique, and backing up your claims with authentic research that make your writing great, and these are the biggest problems a student faces today.

  1.     Try to compete with the professional: for example, if you are to write an argumentative essay, what you should do is, that you should hire an “essay writing service” immediately and place your order. Once the order is placed, sit down and write your essay yourself and when you receive an essay from the service, compare them and see how you differ from the professional writer.
  2.     Check references: Research is a major part of writing and once you receive an essay from the professional writer, check what papers they have used as references, to understand how credible sources are found.
  3.     Try to rephrase: when you get the essay from the service, see if you rephrase the essay and maintain the same quality. Rephrasing is much easier than writing from scratch, hence this is a good practice to learn from professionals.

Rephrasing is the best and the fastest way to learn from a professional writer, following are some tips that can help you rephrase the work provided by “write my essay” service providers and help you speed up the pace of learning.

Use your own words: the best way to write an essay without plagiarism is to use your own words, think about the topic, remember what the teacher told you about it, read textbooks and build your concept around the title of your essay. Once the concept is firm try writing as much about it as you can.

It is ok if you cannot write in continuity, break your work into paragraphs so that you can add on more knowledge from other sources into those paragraphs individually.

Wrap around source: another idea of using your own words that is easier than writing your own words from scratch is, wrapping your words around a source. The way this method works is, you need to have basic knowledge about topic and how to write an essay, first, you need to build a rough draft deciding which paragraphs (what points) you want to add to your essay.

Once all the paragraphs are lined up, search the internet for particular points, read the sources and select one source per paragraph, and start writing in your own words about that point and description of that point in your source, you will need to cite that source. By this method, there will be more plagiarism compared to writing an essay that is completely your words but this method is easy.

Rephrase: If there is nothing essay writing can write from your mind and concepts; you need to use the internet to get ideas. Using the internet means taking someone else’s idea, but you do not have to get your whole essay red in a plagiarism test, as long as you are willing to give credit it is okay to take someone’s idea and write it on your own words. To rephrase you can change active voice into passive voice, use synonyms, and other similar methods.

Quotes: one of the ways to use someone’s idea is to quote it as it is, using this method will be counted as plagiarism, but quoting the copied words in quotation marks at least points out what words are from someone else and you must properly cite it.

These are the three main ways you can learn from a professional writer, and rephrasing is the best practice. If you follow the given tips and tricks, you can easily rephrase the provided work of the professional. Although these steps are not sequential a loop because only iteratively you can gain the expertise required to match the quality of a professional writer.

The biggest benefit of using professional paper writing service writer assistance as a learning technique is that you get feedback because the topic and requirement will be yours, the comparison between your and professional writer’s essay will be 1 to 1, instead of just analyzing your writing skills based on some general guidance off of the internet. Once you start grasping the main gist of writing as an expert, you can also hire professional services to analyze your essay and point out mistakes in it. 

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