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Persuasive essay on topic discriminations at workplace

Earning bread is the ultimate means of human survival, and in history, this means might have been achieved by multiple methods, such as hunting, but today the most common method is to have a job. Historically, the society was independent and mostly everyone had a small business or farm(s) to survive and trade or paper writing service, but today, the whole regime has shifted towards multinational organizations with thousands of workers working towards one goal under one management. This new regime has numerous competitional benefits, but one major challenge, and is to avoid discrimination at the workplace. 

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Discrimination at the workplace is biasedness against a person based on their race, gender, ethnicity, background et cetera. With competition increasing day-by-day, it is extremely important that most eligible employees be hired and talented employees who know their field can belong to any race and can come from any place in the world; hiring of such employees reflect the fact that a part of the management is not discriminatory and promotes diversity, but it is the workman on the floor of an organization that promotes discrimination. Discrimination at the workplace should not be taken lightly and immediate strict actions are required against the assailant, because discrimination at the workplace will not only decrease the productivity of the organization, but it can also have severe negative psychological effects on the victim.

Undertaking the example of any organization that provides academic help to students, we can see how the organization would require to hire essay writer from multiple backgrounds to cover all the fields, and languages the client may require an essay in, but that said, the organization will require a large number of writers from an English background and very few from other backgrounds. In this case, the majority of writers can pick on the few writers, they can create hindrances for them in completing their targets, or in the allocation of resources. Stopping this discrimination is not easy, especially at larger organizations with thousands of employees. 

The essay writing service providers are just one example of an organization where diversity is a necessity, there are many other kinds of organizations that require people from multiple backgrounds. In the United States of America, the law for equal opportunity mandates it for all organizations to have a diverse workforce, hence organizations have to hire people from both genders and they cannot refuse any candidate on the basis of their race or color, ethnicity, background, but this law does not administer any necessary measures to stop discrimination at the floor of an organization. 

Left stranded by the incomplete law, the victims are afraid to raise voice against the discrimination for several other reasons as well. The first reason is, it is difficult to accumulate proves of discrimination, and complaints without proves are considered as an element of unproductivity that counts against the complainer, hence if someone raises voice against discrimination without proving, it is highly probable that the higher management will not be very considerate, and the person will only risk losing their job. The other reason why minorities do not raise their voice against discrimination is the hatred that comes with winning the case; consider even if a person reaches out to the court and wins the case against the organization, they will never be accepted in the organization heartedly, because they caused harm and defame. Even if the person wins the case and decides to switch to another workplace, it is highly probable that the management there would hesitate to hire a person who can cause them to defame. If you write my paper about discriminations you can take help from writing service.

Government is also a reason for discrimination in workplaces. Several examples have been seen where the person from the minority was denied justice or at least some hindrance was created in their path to justice. These examples discourage the people from minority to reach out to the judicial or law enforcement system because they know that there is a high probability that justice for them does not come fast, but the news of going out against the organization might cost them their job and since it is already harder for the minority to acquire a job and earn money, reaching out is a risk not worth taking. If you need help for assignment ask for help.

Although spread in large quantities, the issue of discrimination is not hard to eliminate. The very first measure an organization can take is continuous monitoring and accountability. Using CCTVs and other monitoring systems on the floor of the organization will ensure that no physical act of bullying or discrimination was carried out and continuous accountability of resources and performance will reveal a pattern in the workforce of the organization, and when all the anomalies in the pattern will be analyzed, any case of discrimination will be revealed. 

The act of discrimination is often considered as an act of bonding by several managerial bodies. People that neglect the fact of workplace discrimination, justify this action as bonding among the majority group, where the bond among colleagues is so strong that they do not let anyone from outside enter their group. This claim is wrong because the only measurable factor on the floor of an organization is the talent of the person, and this is the only grouping mechanism acceptable and this is the only grouping scheme that can benefit an organization. For example, in organizations that provide “write my essay” type of services, a group based on the background or city of people is of no use, but a group of people from mathematical background or a group of people from IT, or Physics will allow the colleagues to communicate, share ideas and grow together. 

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