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25 controversial topics for opinion essay

Opinion essays hold a significant place in the academic sphere. Opinion essays demand paper writer to use adequate reasoning and sound logic to prove that his/her point is legitimate than others. The essence of an opinion essay lies in the facts and arguments which allow the writer to persuade their readers in adopting a particular course of action.

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Such essays prompt the writer to expose the under-discussion topic with clear and saner arguments as well as facts that are adequate to convince the readers. As an essay writer, one needs to resonate with his/herself with their audience by using a persuasive tone as well as proving his/her arguments with appropriate thesis.

The writer needs to elaborate on the significant points of his/her opinion essay. This would allow the audience to understand the topic and comprehend the presented arguments in a comprehensive manner.

It is a widely accepted fact that where the structure and content of the essay need to be adequately followed, the chosen topic also plays an important role in leaving a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of the readers. Some writers mostly prefer simple topics that are easy to convey as well as require a very little amount of effort to complete. However, in order to write my essay, I focus on controversial topics which allows me to outline both sides of the issue or I can Buy dissertation. Moreover, this allows me to reach a conclusion after scrutinizing the positives and negatives of each side.

Controversial topics have always remained at the helm of essay writing. Educational institutions have used controversial topics as a significant part of their academic activities. This allows them to enhance the critical thinking abilities of the students. Moreover, this would surely develop a habit among students to analyze the topics in all their entirety.

Following are some of the controversial topics which are most frequently discussed by quality paper writing service providers. As well as these could help students in writing their Opinion essays.

  1. Would punishing children yield any effective results?
  2. Should an appropriate age need to be defined to start dating?
  3. Does rap music contribute to exacerbating the violence on the streets?
  4. Should indoor games be more preferred than outdoor games?
  5. Would paying women and men equally reduce the gender gap?
  6. Is the US breeding ground of institutional racism?
  7. Should hate speeches be banned in educational institutions?
  8. Do social media cause more harm than good?
  9. Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so?
  10. Should marijuana be legalized in the states?
  11. Should uniforms in schools and colleges need to be banned?
  12. Are humans the only savage living beings on planet earth?
  13. Should same-sex marriages be legalized in every state?
  14. Should children be allowed to use gadgets at an early age?
  15. Is there a need to teach the art of voting to the general public?
  16. Obsession of achieving perfection in life leads to mental degradation.
  17. Homeschooling is more effective than traditional schooling.
  18. Are the minorities of the United States being inadequately represented in the social and political spheres?
  19. Is there a need to legalize prostitution?
  20. Censoring mainstream media should be considered unconstitutional?
  21. Industrialization has created more impediments than advantages for the global society?
  22. Should sex education be made legal in educational institutions?
  23. Should politics be banned in schools and colleges?
  24. Reading books is more beneficial than watching online videos.
  25. Is immigration the biggest problem of the 21st century?

Focusing on the above-mentioned topics, it becomes evident that there are a myriad of controversial things that are prevailing in our political, social, educational, and economic milieu. Any one of these spheres could be selected in order to address the prevailing controversial issue. Moreover, the above-mentioned topics address every major sphere of individual life, hence, ample material would be available for the writers to complete their research.

Another thing that the writers need to remember is not to limit his/her thoughts just to the above-mentioned topics. One needs to explore the hidden realities of every sector in order to write a comprehensive and at the same time persuasive piece on their pros and cons.   

There are numerous students who consider argumentative essay writing an insurmountable task, however, if the student gets a basic understanding of the pattern and the content that needs to be added, essay writing can become a fun activity. Choosing a good topic for essay writing is considered the first step in order to produce a quality paper or essay. It is imperative for an essay writer to focus on his/her choice of topic as this would surely provide them a significant edge while composing their arguments and providing adequate facts and figures to the readers.

It is an evident fact that the choice of topics matters a lot for writers. However, a bigger challenge lies ahead, that is of planning your arguments and executing those responses according to your proposed strategy. In order to do that, one needs a lot of written practice and scrutinization of the facts.

To cap it all, opinion essays become more exciting if the chosen topic is significantly controversial. It grabs the attention of the readers as well as allows the writer to convey his/her thoughts in a comprehensive and effective manner. The above-mentioned topics on that would surely be enough to kick start the flow of ideas. However, there could be a myriad of other topics that could prove to be beneficial for the writer as well as for their targeted audience.  

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