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How to Avoid Faulty Parallelism in Essay Writing

When you were in your college days, what was the most common thing that you were afraid of while writing? I was afraid of various mistakes that I used to make when I write an essay. I am sure that you did the same. Even though we are taught different types of essays and we write plenty of them, still we commit different mistakes when it comes to the writing process.

The same is the case with today’s students. They also find it difficult to write a perfect essay. The reason for this is that the scores of students depend on the essays also and if there is a low score in their essays, it will affect their grades as well. There are different factors that contribute to the structural and organizational flaws in the essay. One of the most important of those is faulty parallelism.  

I read many essays of the students and I can say that students do not know what faulty parallelism is. How to avoid it? I also faced difficulty during my college days when I was supposed to write an essay, and I end up making various mistakes regarding faulty parallelism in my essays. Here I will you as an essay writer that how can you avoid fault parallelism in your essays.

First, have a look at faulty parallelism before going into the tips and instructions of how to avoid it. I hope that you all are familiar with grammatical errors and flaws in the structure of the grammar of sentences. Faulty parallelism is the same thing. It refers to the structural flaw of the sentences concerning the grammatical structure of the sentence. If you are encountering such problems in your life where writing an essay can greatly affect your academic life, you can always get help from an essay writer and lessen your burden a little.

As we are very much aware that we have to follow a particular grammatical structure throughout our writing and when we do not keep the consistency of the grammatical structure of the sentences, it results in faulty parallelism. Or it also occurs when even the structure within the sentences is not the same.

This error in the structure of the sentences and the overall organization of an essay of a text is very much important. An example of faulty parallelism can be, I love to spend my time watching movies, reading books and I also like to play. The correct example of the sentence will be, I love to spend time watching movies, reading books, and playing. I encountered this issue when I was a college student and what I usually did was to make my siblings write my essay for me. I worked hard to write well, and it took me ample practice to write an impressive essay.

When it comes to faulty parallelism, there are different types of it that are often found in the writing.

Words list: it is a very common error that the list of the words does not match with each other, resulting in faulty parallelism. When you state the different list of words in your essay, make sure that the list you are providing is following the norms of the grammatical structure.

Conjunction: sometimes there is an inconsistency in the conjunction sentences and the paragraphs, they do not match the scenario in which they are used. The purpose of the conjunction is to link the different parts of the sentences. The proper usage of the conjunction helps in a proper flow of the ideas and concepts. But many sentences have uncoordinated conjunction in them. This also creates a structural flaw. It helps to make a sentence clearer and more elegant. Therefore, when you write a conjunction in your writing, make sure you use the correct ones.

No matter what type of citation you are using, it mainly includes dates, readability, authors, style, and concision. Two major divisions in citations include parenthetical style and documentary-note style. In academic writing citation is important to add without this part your paper would remain incomplete. The citation shows how many articles you have studied for your paper. There are different schools of thought that recommend some specific styles of citation depending upon your academic discipline. If you are writing a psychology paper then you would most probably follow the format of the American Psychological Association or APA.

One of the other examples of faulty parallelism is the mismatching of the functional words. In this case, the functional words do not match the sentence structure. You may think of how to write my essay that is free of these errors. All you need to do is to focus on the correct usage. 

You can easily avoid faulty parallelism in your writing if you follow the rules and conventions of the writing process. The most important thing to avoid faulty parallelism is to make sure the correct usage of the list, mentioned in the writing.

You need to use the same structure that is consistent and similar to the structure you are using. The use of words, lists, and tenses is important here. If they are consistently, then your writing will be parallel.

If you feel that you are still unaware of the concepts of faulty parallelism, make sure to use the essay writing service to make your draft-free of faulty parallelism. In this way, you will be able to make your writing free of any inconsistency and flaw.

If you follow the above instructions and keep them in mind, you will be able to make your writing free of these faults. 

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