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How to Format Tables and Figures in Harvard Style

If you are writing an academic paper then you must follow and incorporate a certain citation style or method. Academics have devised several types of citations and each represents a specific school of thought. The citation method may change depending upon your institution or academic course. The categorization of citation styles has enhanced its scope because you can prioritize an issue by following a certain type of citation. It is only because it adds credibility and authenticity to your document. In the same way, there is a slight possibility a certain publication only prefers one type of citation as compared to others.

Advice to writers, do not rush in selecting a topic. A good essay writer always researches first before writing. It is therefore highly recommended that you shortlist 3-4 topics for your essay and then perform some research on them.

There are different scenarios with which the conjunction is often linked with one another. You must keep in mind while writing that the conjunctions you used are related to the context in which you are using them. If there is a misuse of conjunctions in your writing, then the flow of the ideas and the concepts will not be smooth, and it disrupts the original meaning.

There is often a misuse of various conjunctions which means that if you are supposed to place conjunction in the place, but you end up placing some other conjunction in that place, thus disturbing the whole idea and meaning. Examples of it can be the use of “then” and “as” in your writing. Students often misuse these two conjunctions and the meaning is not properly distributed. 

Now you know that there are several citation styles that you can follow while writing an academic paper. Most of the time your professor would recommend one depending upon the topic and subject. A citation can be in the form of in-text citations or footnotes; both have a different format to follow. One thing that is important to note is that your essay is not complete without the inclusion of a reference page at the end. If you ever get stuck while writing your assignment do not forget that you can always get help from an academic essay writing serviceIt could be one effective way to complete your assignment within the given deadline.

You should know that there are around twenty citation styles and their selection depends on the subject or academic discipline. It also includes complex rules to follow with the following of complex details that is why you should prefer to get help from a professional essay writer to write you an essay. A professional writer would know to use APA citation of psychology assignments. MLA citation style for history, English, and philosophy assignments. Assignments of law by following citation style of Oxford, AGLC, Bluebook, and OSCOLA. In the same way, Harvard referencing is used in economic studies and surveys. The detailed information and format of Harvard referencing is listed below,

Harvard Referencing

Just like any other citation style, Harvard referencing is equally important as it is used in the field of economics without any official guide. This citation has few variations though there are two main style guides for this style. First British Standards Institutions, second Australian Government Published Service. It is also based on the author-date system like APA style. It means, these two institutions have released their separate valuations about this reference.

In the academic sphere, most essay writer online tends to spend time on the introduction of their essays. This allows them to grab the attention of the readers. Writing without any proper planning would force the writer to take more time in writing his/her piece. 

How to format tables and figures in Harvard Referencing?

You should know that every academic document is incomplete without the inclusion of proper referencing or citations. Once there was a time when I also got confused because I had to follow a lot of rules and regulations. Though I pretty much knew all the rules – it was extremely difficult for me to incorporate them in practical form. So instead of writing an essay myself, I asked a professional writer to write my essay as deep down I knew he would be the most appropriate option to utilize. You can say that it is an out-of-the-box solution – but it worked for me and I hope it can work for you too.

Tables and figures

If you want to include a table or a figure from another source then you must cite it properly otherwise your work will be included in plagiarism. The best way to do this is to provide an in-text citation within the paragraph where you want to include a table or figure. The proper referencing of such in-text citation would appear on the reference page at the end of the document. The principle is the same if you want to include images, photographs, graphs, images, or any other illustrations.


  • Figure 1, A five-pointed star (William, 2019, p.54).
  • You should know that if you have already used the author’s name once before in your text then you do not need to add the name in the in-text citation but the only year of publication followed by page numbers. For example, Williams (2019, p.33) gives a detailed analysis of the rapid increase of trade unions during the early twentieth century.
  • Proper reference for the above in-text citation would look like this: William, John. “Photosensory reception and transduction in artifacts,” Paramount Publication. New York: 2019, pp-1-64.
  • In case of a figure, first write the author’s name (you can write multiple names too) then the title of the article from where you have taken the figure in italic, the volume of the journal (if it is a journal article), date of publishing, page number followed by the year.
  • For example, K. A. Nelson, R. J. Davis, D. R. Lutz, and W. Smith, “Optical generation of tunable ultrasonic waves,” Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 53, no. 2, Feb., pp. 1144-1149, 2020
  • If you want to cite a monthly periodical then you should write the author’s name first followed by the title of the article and journal name in italic with page number and publishing date.
  • For example, J. Fallows, “Networking technology,” Atlantic Monthly, Jul., pp. 34-36, 2007.

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